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Fennel for Weight Loss

Many people are discovering the healing potential of natural herbs. Whether it is in helping to battle an upset stomach or to increase focus, there is an herb for nearly every ailment. Naturally, there are also herbs that can assist with weight loss, and fennel is one such herb - gentle, nutritious, and surprisingly effective.

The Importance of a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is about far more than simply desiring to look good. Body weight, especially excess body weight, has a serious effect on overall health. We gain weight as a result of consuming more calories than our body can utilize. Instead of allowing these unused calories to pass through the system, the body takes these calories and stores them for later use. Fat stores are a natural part of the body’s metabolic processes, and we do in fact need some fat stores in order to remain healthy. What we must be wary of is accumulating too much fat. Being overweight often leads to fatigue, lethargy, poor circulation, back strain, and in some cases, can even result in complications such as tumors. A doctor can help determine your ideal body weight range by calculating your height, build, and physical condition, among other factors. There are several methods for losing excess body fat, some of which include establishing a healthy, balanced diet, and an appropriate exercise routine. It is also important to note that due to metabolism and body build, some people will lose weight more easily than others. Your doctor can determine whether you are losing weight at a healthy rate.

What Fennel Can Do

Recent studies have undertaken the examination of fennel as a weight loss supplement. These studies have found that fennel offers very encouraging results. Fennel helps to boost the metabolism thanks to its essential oils. Scientists have observed that fennel can help to dissolve fat deposits within the bloodstream, preventing them from being stored as fat and instead making them accessible for the metabolism to use as energy. This helps to increase metabolic function. This serves an added purpose, as the increase in energy may help to suppress the appetite as well, preventing overeating. Furthermore, fennel seed contains the natural hormone melatonin, known to help improve sleep quality. Getting proper rest improves the body’s overall function, and more importantly, the presence of melatonin discourages the release of certain hormones known to boost fat storage.